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Speedify is both a VPN client and a channel-bonding software for users who, 1) use multiple internet connections, 2) have multiple devices, 3) suffer from limited internet access, and 4) wants to use the internet securely and anonymously.

Speedify features an intuitive UI. All internet connections that you connect to, will become visible on the main window. You can use the different connections individually or you can use Speedify’s channel bonding technology to bond them into a single powerful connection. Speedify performed really well in my speed tests and boosted my download and internet browsing speeds by a huge margin.

Speedify client for desktop features a VPN client. By default, it connects to the closest internet server but you can choose to connect to other servers that spread across to more than 20 countries. Using a VPN makes you anonymous and provides safer access to the internet.

Channel bonding and VPN may cause cases of lost data packets and poor latency but fear not, Speedify recovers the lost data packets without causing any kind of lag in internet speeds and improves latency. You can also set data limits to different internet connections and set them as primary, secondary and backup.

To sum up, Speedify is an amazing software. This program combines all your internet connections, prevents data packet loss, improves internet speed and latency, and delivers a powerful VPN experience. Speedify client is available for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android platform. The free version allows 4GB of internet usage every month. For unlimited internet usage, you can opt for monthly or annual plans. I recommend Speedify to users who have multiple internet connections and want a powerful VPN client.

Arnav Sinha
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  • Combine multiple internet connection
  • VPN client for faster and secure internet
  • Available on different platforms


  • No lifetime plan
  • No option for load balancing
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